Mrs Moth Blog

Welcome! Mrs Moth is a website which will encourage you to enjoy cooking as much as enjoying the end results. It is all about pouring yourself a glass of wine and spending time making something delicious for you, your family and friends.

There are so many websites with quick-fix dinners and no-time meals. Here, you’ll want to get involved with creating amazing food with outstanding results.
Fear not – these are easy-to-follow recipes, and lots of them are designed so meals are ready to just pop in the oven when folk get home or your guests arrive, so you can focus on entertaining and having a good time.

My kitchen is part of our living space a place where we all get together, chat and pour a drink or two as I’m bringing things together.
On my website you will find links and posts of tasty and interesting things I’m currently reading about, along with lots of tips and ideas…from picnics to party table spreads.
All the recipes you’ll find I have created or adapted and have been tried and tested on lots of pals. I’d love to hear your feedback and any tasty adaptions or extras you have created yourself, as well as any of your own faves. The one thing you will find as you cook with me is its simple yet quality cooking
Inside you’ll find fab ideas for big family meals but also lots of tasty little snack ideas, and of course some delicious drinks…!

A little about me

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and always enjoyed the meals my mother prepared using just the ingredients she had available. We were often on a tight budget, but we ate well, using fresh whole foods we ate deliciously. I guess that’s where I developed my passion for good food, and knack for keeping it simple but making it brilliant.

In my late teens I moved to London to train at Le Cordon Bleu and then attended Westminster Catering College. Here I learned the basics such as knife skills and how to make stocks and sauces, and refined my cooking skills. That training delivered opportunities to work in top kitchens.

I was also very lucky to secure an internship at La Manoir in Oxford as well as exclusive resorts in the Caribbean.

I have lived in America for the last twelve years and find cooking at home so natural and therapeutic, no fancy equipment, no team of assistants, just regular trips to the supermarket (I do miss a good British butcher’s shop, though) and lots of fabulous meals. I decided to create and refine recipes for people who like to cook, and provide a bank of step-by-step photos and videos, which I am delighted to share with you here. These recipes are tried and tested, so if you like to follow a recipe to a ‘T’, these will work for you; but if you like to take a recipe as inspiration, then take the ingredients as your market basket and adjust to your personal taste, knock yourself out. For my dishes there really are no rules, just great ideas using easy-to-find ingredients and utensils found in most home kitchens. So pre-heat the oven, pour yourself a glass of wine, invite a couple of friends, eat well, laugh lots, and enjoy!

Mrs. Moth xx